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Service for winter & summer sports equipment

We'll get your equipment in shape!
The expert maintenance of your winter and summer sports equipment is essential to enjoy carefree sports days. Bring us your equipment before each season!

Ski and snowboard service
We check the setting of the bond, grind the edges with the utmost care and find exactly the right wax for your needs!

Well-prepared skis and snowboards react more precisely to changes in direction (for precise carving), enable easy turn initiation, are directionally stable, glide optimally and offer perfect edge grip. All these factors increase safety in winter sports.

Other winter sports equipment
Also your sledges, cross-country skis etc. need care and maintenance!
We will be happy to advise you and professionally bring your equipment into shape so that you can shine on the cross-country ski run and toboggan run next winter.

Bike and e-bike service
Have your bike checked by an expert!
Our bike specialist Paul Hofer adjusts the gears, pumps up the tyres if necessary, checks, cleans and oils the chain, tightens screws and ensures that you will enjoy your bike or e-bike for a very long time. A well-maintained bike not only offers more riding fun, but is also much safer.